Book In One Hand Coffee In Another - My Story
Welcome to my book.

It is time for you to grab a coffee and sit back and relax, I am going to tell you some stories. Now before you put my book down shaking your head and I know you are thinking to yourself hang on I am on a blogging site not a book. Well let me tell you what I mean. Blogging is storytelling and in the end, we all become stories.

This is the start of my story. I have been an avid reader as long as I can remember. I can’t imagine not having books around to read. I love all different forms of books, from paperbacks, hardcovers, eBooks, and even audio books. If I want to read a book I will find it and have it there ready to read. My ‘’to be read’’ [TBR] list gets longer every day; as I see another book, that another great author is releasing, it is added to my list.

As I a child I would devour everything with enthusiasm and my avid appetite for reading knew no bounds. I read Autobiographies, Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew, Anne of Green Gables Series, True Crimes, Chic-lits, even Thrillers, no book was left unread in my presence. As an adult, my reading tastes have not really changed. I still read so many different genres from the middle-of-the-road chick-lits, the hard-hitting and emotional autobiographies, books with ethical or moral themes, crime thrillers, psychological thrillers, and it goes on and on.

Have you ever picked up a book that you just can’t put down? Do you find yourself saying “Just one more page… and I’ll … ring my mum … put the washing on … do the housework … go to sleep?”  That’s me every day, I sometimes find it hard to put down a good book and so I get through quite a few books, and that is why I decided it is time for me to put my thoughts of books down to share with you.

I will be posting reviews and comments based on what I have read. I would be grateful for suggestions and comments on posts, but remember I am brutally honest – if I like it, I’ll say, if I love it, I’ll say, if I hate it, I’ll say.

Make yourself at home and use the menus on my page to flick through my BOOK.

See you in the next chapter.



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