Chapter One – Finding Our Forever

Finding Our Forever Cover
Finding Our Forever
by Brenda Novak

Welcome to Silver Springs, where surprises and secrets await you around every corner! Cora Kelly is in search for her birth mother. She finds out she runs New Horizons Boys Ranch. A job is going there for the upcoming year and Cora applies for it. She is keeping her secret of why she wants to work there from her birth mother Aiyana, until she feels that she can confide in her. Cora battles with her emotions in the secret she holds. She doesn’t know if she should reveal her true identity, and she also tries not to hurt her loving adoptive parents.

While working at New Horizons, Cora gets to know Elijah Turner who is Aiyana’s adopted son and the ranch manager. Things start to heat up between them but Elijah has a difficult time letting his guard down and trusting Cora. But he eventually realises that Cora is what he has been waiting for.

In my opinion, I have to say Brenda Novak has written another fantastic book that draws you in from the beginning and holds you right until the end.  Brenda has chosen the right characters for this book and I am hoping to see more the them in the rest of the books in this series based in Silver Springs.

I really enjoyed reading this storyline about Cora and everyone at the New Horizons Boys Ranch. It was pleasant to read about a small town where everyone knows everyone. And reading about the different relationships blooming in the story.

If you like Contemporary Romances then I would recommend this book to you. Go grab it and enjoy.

5 Cup

See you in the next chapter.

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