Chapter Fourteen – A Very Country Christmas

A Very Country Christmas
by Alissa Callen, Fiona Greene, Rachael Johns, Juliet Madison, Victoria Purman

This collection of heart-warming Australian stories is full of the joys of the season and guaranteed to brighten your Christmas.

I first must admit that I am a fan of Rachael Johns, and I had to read this book because she has a story in it. The other four authors were new to me, I had not heard of any of them prior to this book. I must say that I really enjoyed their stories as well. I have now found four more Aussie authors to follow and read.

These five stories will get you in the spirit for Christmas. I love reading Christmas stories, as it is such a wonderful time of year.

I recommend that if you are going to put any Christmas themed books on your to be read list, then add this one, for some light, sweet romantic reads that won’t disappoint you.

Being that there are five fantastic stories in this one book you get five times the fun.

Under Christmas Stars – Alissa Callen

This story was a sweet romance, that had you wanting the happily ever after.  Freya loves Christmas and wants nothing more than to make up for last year’s disaster. Freya meets cattleman Drew Macgregor, and that is where the fun begins. The plot is well written and it draws you in. Will Freya get the Christmas she wants?

I love the idea of Australian country properties and Christmas. And what a fantastic idea Freya had for the Woodlea Community. The spirit of Christmas shines bright in this story.

Home For Christmas – Fiona Greene

Sergeant Tate McAuliffe receives a care package for Christmas while stationed in Afghanistan. The package is sent from Layla Preston who runs a Christmas tree farm, in Australia, she is continuing her family’s tradition of sending a care package. Will Tate get to thank Layla for the care package?

I loved the story line and the characters and you could easily relate to them.

This story pulls at the heart strings and reminds you that there are service men and women that aren’t home at Christmas and miss out being with their families. This story shows the true meaning of Christmas. It is an unforgettable story.

The Kissing Season – Rachael Johns

Hannah Elliot has returned home to her family and is working in the family Emporium business. Hannah is keeping a secret; will she get through Christmas without anyone finding out? Matteo Della Bosca walks into the Emporium and Hannah couldn’t stop gawking at this impressive specimen of a man. But she has sworn off men. Will Hannah be able to stay away from him and any other man? Hannah just want to get through to the new year.

Rachael has once again written a book that I couldn’t put down, luckily this one was shorter than the rest. I know this story was written back in 2013 but it is one of Rachael’s stories that I had not read. I enjoyed this was a sweet, fun romantic read.

12 Daves Of Christmas – Juliet Madison

Oh, how I enjoyed this story and it was even made more fun with a ghost in the story. Following Abby Solomon on a road trip to find the right Dave, with her ghost of a grandmother tagging along. She visits 12 Dave’s on her trip and the funny thing was as soon as I read the title of this book, the song the Twelve Days of Christmas came into my head, and thanks to this wonderful story I could not get it out.

The plot of this story is enjoyable and you don’t want it to end. It is a heart-warming story of love, past, present and future.

Christmas At Remarkable Bay – Victoria Purman

Mara decides to spend Christmas away from home this year, she has booked into a holiday home in Remarkable Bay. George a Police Officer is staying in the Bay also, he is house and pet sitting for this partner. Mara and George both decide to head to the local pub for Christmas Lunch. Both have booked a table for one, and that’s where the fun of this story begins. The Bay is small and they constantly run into each other. Mara has a problem over the holiday break, will George help or hinder the problem?

Another story that had me wishing that Christmas was already here.

Book details

Paperback, 576 pages

Published October 1st 2017 by Harlequin Mira

5 Cup

See you in the next chapter.

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