Chapter Eighteen – Now You See Me

Now You See Me (Detective Jess Bishop #1)
by Kierney Scott

This new series is somewhat of a miss for me. I struggled to get into this book, it took a few chapters to really start drawing me in. I believe the past between our two main characters Jess and Jamison needed their own story before this one as there was not enough info on their past, but you knew there was more of a story there. So, throughout the book it played on my mind that I needed to know more of their pasts to understand them. I was left at the end of the book still with too many questions.

The story starts off with Jess and her partner Chan been called to Louisiana to investigate a dismembered body. They know that this is the work of a serial killer. The body has the same marks on it as the other two already found. This case is digging up Jess’s past and she is worried that it is linked somehow. But Jess does not say anything about it to her partner. The story has it twists and turns, which helps to keep you reading to see what’s around the corner. The serial killer case was an intriguing part of the story.

Her ex-partner of 8 years returns after working undercover for the past two years. She was not expecting him back. Things are not the same between them now there is a lot of strain in their friendship. This is where the story needs a lot more detail on these characters.

Detective Jess Bishop is an interesting character, she uses sex with strangers to numb her emotions. She has her secrets that she won’t let anyone know about. She is a character you are either going to love or hate.

I hope that Kierney Scott will divulge more about her characters in the next book.

Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for a copy in exchange for an open and honest review.

Kindle Edition, 318 pages

Publication Date: November 27th 2017 by Bookouture

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See you in the next chapter.

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