Happy New Year 2018


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my followers, fellow bloggers and Authors, A Very Happy New Year.

My new years resolution is to read more books…

I had a great year last year starting this blog, and I am grateful for all the wonderful followers that have supported me throughout my journey so far.

Here is my year in review. I set my goal at 50 book last year on Goodreads and I completed my challenge and ended up reading 75. There were a few books that I read that were not on Goodreads.

My year in review

This year I have set my reading challenge to 75 books and I hope that I can manage more than that.

I am off to a good start I have already read 4 books and am onto my 5th book, and we are not even two weeks in.

I welcome feedback on my blogs. I would love any recommendations for any new books to read.

My passion for reading continues thanks to all the fantastic new books and of course the classics.

Happy New Year and Happy Reading

See you in the next chapter.


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