Chapter Two – Bargaining with the Boss

Bargaining with the Boss
by Jennifer Shirk

Are you chasing a great romance read that has it all but is not over the top in the steamy department then this one is for you, this fun filled romance will have you laughing at times and giving you the warm feeling at others.

Kinsley was a charming character who you will definitely like she wears her heart on her sleeve and she is a fun-loving girl. Damon has a past and has something to prove. These two characters and the heart and soul of this book and the fun sparring between them will have you laughing out loud.
Can Damon make the right decisions? Can Kinsley open her heart to love again?

Jennifer is a great author and is one I can turn to for some fun-loving romance, and some great characters that you can relate too.

This book has my recommendation, if you love a sweet romance novel then put this on your TBR list and then make sure you read it.

4.5 cup.png

See you in the next chapter.

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