Chapter Four – Last Cry

Last Cry (Detective Dan Riley #1)
by Anna-Lou Weatherley

Finally a male detective lead character. I enjoyed this book it was different from others that I have read. The Story line is fast paced and you know right from the start who the killer is there is no guessing in the book.
From the very first chapter the reader is drawn into the story with a murder in a hotel by a serial killing female. We get both perspectives in the book, serial Killer Goldilocks and Detective Dan.
I had mixed feeling towards our serial killer sometimes I was felling sorry for her and at others I disliked her, but her story was interesting. Detective Dan Riley is mourning the death of his girlfriend and unborn child which happened two years prior, the story does bring up this a lot, hopefully in the coming books we won’t be reading as much about it as we did in this book. Otherwise there is not a lot to say about Detective Dan Riley, he is a likeable character.
Overall the story was enjoyable and I did like the POV from both characters. If you wan to know what happens in this book then you are going to have to go pick yourself up a copy and read it as I do not give out spoilers, I want the reader to enjoy the story themselves.
Anna-Lou Weatherley has written a good crime drama and it is a change to the other books she has written before.

Since reading this book and writing a review it seems the book has had a name change and will now be called Black Heart. I think I liked the original title.

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Thank you to Netgalley and Bookoutre for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.

Publication Date: January 31st 2018 by Bookouture

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See you in the next chapter.

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