Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

May your day today be blessed with love, family, food and laughter! This is my first Easter with the kids gone, so it’s a big difference for me, but not to worry. My girls will be waking up in their own home together and I hope the Easter Bunny found them! We hope you have an amazing day, kick back, relax and enjoy the time with loved ones!

I am going to sit back and relax and enjoy some quality time with my hubby. He has just had emergency surgery this week, appendectomy was performed. Not something that is usally seen in someone his age. He is recovering nicely, but as a typical male, he gets frustrated and bored that he can’t do anything. I have watched every sport over this last week with him. I will be glad when he is back to his full self and off my lounge!!!

I have being in a reading slump over this last week with all that has been happening. I hope s new fresh week will bring back my love of reading. I have a pile of ARC’s to get through.

Time to get my mojo back over this Easter break.

Thank you for your continued support and following me.

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See you in the next chapter

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