Oceanic Dreams Series

Set sail on a cruise of fun and romance.


It’s the perfect time to set sail on a romantic adventure with the Oceanic Dreams series. This series consists of eight novellas that will have you swooning and cracking up all at the same time. Each novella is written by a separate author, and all of the books are so fun! You can either read them as a stand-alone or read them back to back (as I did) to get the full effect of this incredible series!


The first book in the series is I Saw Him Standing There, which is out now on Amazon. This novella, written by Holly Kerr follows Siggy, who needs to rush out of town, and luckily, she’s been given an all-expenses paid voyage on the sea aboard the Oceanic Aphrodite. That’s right, a romantic cruise that’ll have Siggy wagging her tongue at the super hot assistant cruise director Will. The only problem is that Siggy has to pretend that she’s someone else. Can Siggy and Will get close without her secret spilling? Does it really matter if Will finds out the truth?


Next, is the steamy story of Janey, in Time of My Life by Lauren Heffernan also out now on Amazon. If you are a fan of the movie Dirty Dancing, then you’ll adore this book. Janey is a dance instructor on the cruise ship, yep you guessed it, Oceanic Aphrodite. She’s not there to find love, she’s there to teach dance. That is until her dance partner quits on her and she’s searching for someone new to help her out at the talent show. She finds herself growing closer to a student, Frank, who is everything that Janey isn’t. If anyone finds out about the two doing more than just dancing together, she could be out of a job. What is Janey to do?


Circle in the Sand, by Tracy Krimmer, is available now on Amazon. I’d go snatch it up if I were you, because it’s the perfect summer romantic comedy! Isla is ready to step on the cruise ship with her friends, she’s in need of a vacation, somewhere with sand, sun, and lots of promises of finding love. The only thing is that whenever she sees her friend Asher mingling with other women on the ship, she feels a hint of jealousy. Why is she all of a sudden having these confusing emotions toward her friend? Should she tell him or keep this secret to herself?


The fourth book in the series is I Thought it Was You by Kirsty McManus, which you can preorder on Amazon right now, it doesn’t come out until July, but that’s not too far away! So, you might want to get started on the first three books so you can jump right into this one when it’s available. Liv is getting over a long term relationship that just didn’t last, but her stay on the Oceanic Aphrodite just got super complicated. First of all, her ex took all of her money, so she’s broke as a joke. Second, she meets the man of her dreams, Wells,  which doesn’t seem all bad, until the third issue arises. Liv has been offered 20 grand to help an actress by pretending that she’s there to be the actresses rehab facilitator. Which means she can’t be herself, and she can’t see Wells again. There’s so much going on in this story, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the hijinks Liv finds herself in.


Then we have I Will Follow Him by Holly Tierney-Bedord, which you can also preorder on Amazon. This one is out on July 15! This one was cracking me up! There’s so much silliness and flirtation that I couldn’t stop reading. We meet Francie, who is hired to spy on a groom at his bachelor party. She’s supposed to be on the job, but of course, Francie can’t help but drink a few (or a lot) of alcoholic beverages and enjoy the cruise. She ends up accidently bumping into the groom, falling for the best man, and basically almost ruining her cover. Will she be able to get her mind off of the hottie, or is she doomed to blow her cover?


Take a Chance on Me by Delancey Stewart comes out on July 29, but you can preorder it on Amazon right now. Selena is a planner. She’s planned her entire life, up until her future husband left her in the dust. Now she’s not sure what to do. She finds herself on the Oceanic Aphrodite, and she’s looking to start a new plan. Well, sometimes plans fall through. Especially when that man shows up as part of the crew on the ship. What is Selena to do? She hasn’t heard from him in years, but as soon as she catches sight of him, she realizes she’s still in love with him. Does he love her back? Could this be a sign that they should get back together?


The seventh book in the series is Shut Up & Dance with Me by Monique McDonell. If you want to read this one you’ll have to wait until August 12, but you can preorder it on Amazon so it’s ready for you as soon as you finish the other books! This book follows Sandy, whose supposed to be a witness to her best friend’s wedding.  Sandy can’t help but be both appalled and attracted to the other witness to the wedding, Danny. The one thing that they have in common is the notion that this wedding is a terrible idea, but other than that, the two hate each other. Then why is it that they keep bumping into each other? This ship sure has other ideas for these two.


The last book in this series is The Best of You by Sophie-Leigh Robbins, which comes out August 26th. Don’t forget to preorder this bad boy on Amazon, you won’t want to miss the end of this incredible series. Travel vlogger Holly wants to get as far away from her cheating ex as possible, so she sets sail on the Oceanic Aphrodite to hopefully get some much needed R&R. She’s not there to find love, she’s there to escape. That is until she meets Noah, who’s also not in the mood for a relationship. The two become closer when Holly gets some unwanted attention from another passenger, and Noah cuts in as her pseudo-boyfriend. That’s when things get a little cozier between them. What will happen next?

Oceanic Dreams Series on Amazon

Oceanic Dreams Series on Goodreads

Oceanic Dreams Series Website

The Authors

Holly Kerr 
Laura Heffernan 
Tracy Krimmer 
Kirsty McManus 
Holly Tierney-Bedord 
Delancey Stewart 
Monique McDonell 
Sophie-Leigh Robbins


Keep an eye out as I will be adding reviews for this series as I read books. 


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