Matters of the Heart

A classic love story retold.

Matters of the Heart
by Fiona Palmer

A classic love story about manners, men and modern romance retold by bestselling Australian author, Fiona Palmer

Western Australia, 2019: The Bennets are a farming family struggling to make ends meet. Lizzy, passionate about working the land, is determined to save the farm. Spirited and independent, she has little patience for her mother’s focus on finding a suitable man for each of her five daughters.

When the dashing Charles Bingley, looking to expand his farm holdings, buys the neighbouring property of Netherfield Park, Mrs Bennet and the entire district of Coodardy are atwitter with gossip and speculation. Will he attend the local dance and is he single? These questions are soon answered when he and Lizzy’s sister Jane form an instant connection on the night. But it is Charlie’s best friend, farming magnate Will Darcy, who leaves a lasting impression when he slights Lizzy, setting her against him.

Can Lizzy and Will put judgements and pride aside to each see the other for who they really are? Or in an age where appearance and social media rule, will prejudice prevail?

About the book

ISBN: 9780733641596
ISBN-10: 0733641598
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 336
Available: 27th August 2019

Publisher: Hachette Australia

Author Bio

Fiona Palmer

Before becoming an author, Fiona Palmer was a speedway driver for seven years and now spends her days writing both women’s and young adult fiction, working as a farmhand and caring for her two children in the tiny rural community of Pingaring, 350km from Perth. The books Fiona’s passionate readers know and love contain engaging storylines, emotions and hearty characters. She has written nine bestselling novels and her most recent book, SISTERS AND BROTHERS, was a Top Ten national bestseller.

To find out more, visit Fiona on her Website
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My review

The classic story Pride and Prejudice is retold with Australian country characters. The story line is going to hold you captivated throughout and you will enjoy every moment. It will make you laugh out loud and scream and even maybe shed a tear, you will feel all the character’s emotions along with them. Fiona has written another page-turner that you will not want to put down until the end. Then you are going to wish there was more.

The Bennets will find a place in your heart. Lizzy, Jane, Mary, Lydia and Kitty are the 5 daughters of John and Margaret. The story is centered around Lizzy and her farm life and her dog Pippa. Lizzy is a spirited and independent young woman, she is determined to save her families farm from the bank. She loves working the on land and reading and learning better ways to do things.

Will Darcy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was not a character that I liked at the beginning but he did grow on me. He is totally opposite to Lizzy but as the saying goes opposites attracts, can Lizzy and Will put aside their differences to make something together or will their pride win out.

Oh, another character that you are going to love is Charlotte (Lottie), she is portrayed in a different light in this story, she is fun and quirky and not shy and she was one of my favourite characters.

Let me know which character is your favourite in the comments.

No spoilers to be had here, if you want to know if pride wins or losses then you are going to have to read this story for yourself.

Fiona Palmer’s writing is getting better with every book. I am loving her story telling more and more with each book. She is writing books that never disappoint her readers. And that is an author that gets on my go to list and I am always happy to recommend her books to friends and family without hesitation.

So if you loved Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, then I can say you are going to love this Australian version.

I hope I have enticed your appetites for this story. And you are now jumping online to pre-order it.

  • Trade Paperback AUG 27, 2019 | 9780733641596 | RRP $29.99 PRE-ORDER
  • e-Book AUG 27, 2019 | 9780733641602 | RRP $12.99 PRE-ORDER
  • Audiobook AUG 27, 2019 | 9780733641619 | RRP $34.99 PRE-ORDER

7 days till it hits shelves.

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