Just One Wish

A wonderful story that had me reading until the early hours of the morning.


Just One Wish
by Rachael Johns

Three women, three secrets, one life-changing journey.

Alice has always been a trailblazer as a scientist, activist, and mother. She knew her choices would involve sacrifices, but now, on the eve of her eightieth birthday, she’s beginning to wonder if she’s sacrificed too much.

Alice’s daughter Sappho rebelled against her unconventional upbringing, choosing to marry young and embrace life as a homemaker, but her status as a domestic goddess has recently taken a surprising turn.

Ged, has always been the peacemaker between her grandmother and mother. A tenacious journalist, she knows what she wants in life and love, yet when everything in her world starts falling apart, she begins to question whether she really knows anyone at all.

At a crossroads in each of their lives, Alice, Sappho and Ged embark on a celebratory trip together, but instead of bringing them closer, the holiday sparks life-changing consequences and lifts the lid on a fifty-year secret.

Can Ged rescue her family if their story is built on a betrayal?

From bestselling, ABIA award-winning author Rachael Johns comes an engrossing and wise novel about ambition, choices and what it means to be a woman.


My Review

Just One Wish is a passionate and powerful family saga. It is a book that is going to have it readers talking about it. Every family has secrets and Ged’s family is no different, well so I thought.

The story is one that you will not want to put down, believe me I kept saying just one more chapter and off to sleep well I said it all night and finished the book. Oops!!!
This story will grab your attention from the moment you open the book.

The story of Ged and her family, portrays real life dramas and consequences. I am sure everyone that reads this whether young or old will be able to relate to one of the characters. I must say related to Sappho in the since of being a mum and blogging and Instagramming, I don’t do vlogs as I stay behind the camera.

  I thoroughly enjoyed every moment in this book all the way to the end, which of course I am not going to spoil for Rachael’s fans and readers.
Whether you are a fan of Rachael’s or a debut reader of hers then you are going to enjoy this book and you will want to read more by her. Rachael’s books get better and better with every new one she releases. Rachael is one of my go to Authors as you are never disappointed.
Also, this would be a great book for book clubs to read as there is so many different topics that you can delve into and see all the opinions that come out about their secrets and their choices.

For a book to keep me up all night and read it deserves a top rating if I could give it more then 5, I would.

I praise Rachael for the brilliant characters and story line that she has written. It is full of twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages.

Rachael has made me want to go a cruise more after reading this, not an Elvis one but I think I could definitely like the cruise lifestyle and the cocktails. Rachael your shout!!!

5 Cupjosignature


Book Details

ISBN: 9781489261519
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Category: Contemporary fiction
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 496
Available: 21st October
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
RRP: $32.99

About the Author

Rachael Johns is an English teacher by trade, a mum 24/7, a chronic arachnophobic, a Diet Coke addict, a podcast junkie and a writer the rest of the time. She rarely sleeps and never irons. A lover of romance and women’s fiction, Rachael loves nothing more than sitting in bed with her laptop and electric blanket and imagining her own stories.

In 2016 The Patterson Girls was named General Fiction Book of the Year at the Australian Book Industry Awards. Rachael has finaled in a number of other of competitions, including the Australian Romance Readers Awards. Jilted won Favourite Australian Contemporary Romance for 2012, The Patterson Girls won the same award for 2015 and she was voted in the Top Ten of Booktopia’s Favourite Australian Author poll in 2013.

Rachael lives in the Perth hills with her hyperactive husband, three mostly gorgeous heroes-in-training, two ginger cats, a cantankerous bird and a very badly-behaved dog.

To find out more, visit Rachael on her website.

You can also follow her on FacebookInstagram, Goodreads and Twitter.

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