A little update from me

Sorry I have been AWOL.

I thought I would write a short post to update you on why my blog has been quite the past couple of months, it was due to going into hospital for an knee replacement at the beginning of November 2019.

All went well to start and I was sent home to recoup and to do rehab, but all went south from there where I ending back in hospital a week later with DVT’s and multiple Pulmonary Embolisms in my both my lungs. I spent 7 days in ICU and then spent another couple of weeks in hospital recovering.

I finally got home in time for Christmas and to spend some quality time with my family. I am slowly getting better but was told it would be months until I am fully recovered from it all. I went through a major reading slump when I was ill and really could not concentrate on reading. I am finally enjoying reading again.

I wrote I little verse about my time in hospital in the theme of 12 Days of Christmas.

Twelve doctors running the show
Eleven ECG’s
Ten days of IV Antibiotics
Nine different meds
Eight different scans
Seven days in ICU
Six small meals a day
Five different Physio’s
Four hundred millilitre’s of fluid drained
Three weeks in Hospital
Two Lungs with multiple PE’s
One leg full of DVT’s


We can add to this 2 MET calls (one of which started my stay in ICU and the other that started my birthday off with a room full of doctors and nurses at 1am) and of course I can’t forget about the pneumonia which had me on oxygen for awhile.

Flowers and Chocolates from the PA’s at the hospital for my birthday.

I am looking forward to this new year and enjoying time with my family and friends. I hope there are no more hospital visits for me this year. I now have had knee replacements in both knees so really I should be good for at least 10 years.

Time to pick up a book and make a coffee and curl up on my favourite chair.


I am looking forward to bringing you more on my blog this year, which will include more reviews from myself and also from guest bloggers. More giveaways to be held and lots of new and exciting post to be shared.

Thank you all for supporting me over the few years I have been blogging. If there is anything that you would like to read more on my blog, please leave a comment below.


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